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Posy Reusable Nappy

Posy Reusable Nappy

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Our beautiful reusable nappies are perfect for families looking to reduce their waste, save money and make Bub as comfortable as possible. Our nappies are made from a soft bamboo charcoal material helping to reduce nappy rash . Our nappies are adjustable and will fit all the way through to the toilet training stage.

 Includes 1 bamboo charcoal insert which can hold up to 220ml. 


1 Reusable Nappy 

1 Bamboo charcoal insert



Remove solids from nappy by dropping them into the toilet and rinse any excess off

Collect nappies in a dry container or bucket 

Place nappies on a pre wash cycle every 1-2 days if not ready for main wash. This will  reduce stains and smells.

Main wash 

Place nappies in machine and wash using a natural detergent. (cold wash or under 30 degree)

Hang on line or tumble dry.




Fits new born up until toddler



Nappy- waterproof PUL and Bamboo charcoal 

Insert- 2 Layers charcoal bamboo + 2 layers of microfibre


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