Poppy Eco Period Pads

Poppy Eco Period Pads

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Our eco friendly reusable period pads are the perfect way to minimise your monthly waste. 

The top layer is made from a bamboo charcoal fibre which not only feels soft but helps reduce the bacteria. The outer layer is a patterned waterproof PUL and inside their are two layers of a super absorbent microfibre material.


Small Pad- 20.5 cm long, 15.5 wide 
Medium Pad-  23 cm long , 18cm wide
Large Pad-  28cm long, 18cm wide 
Wet Bag- 18cm x 14cm

How to use ? 

Simply clip together around your underwear. 

Care instructions 

Wash before first use 

Hand wash or place them into the washing machine. 

We recommend rinsing the pad under cold water until the water runs clear. 

 No bleach or softener.